WIP Wednesday: Test knitting Twist Socks

I’ve recently found myself test knitting again, this time a pair of socks by the same designer as the previously knit fingerless gloves . The pattern is Twist Socks, by KBJknits, and will be part of the Gold Ribbon Craft Project, a fund-raiser for childhood cancer research and awareness. These patterns are to be released in September 2014.

DBHY Tough Stocking in Autumn Sky skeinMr Blue Sky test knit - cuff plus start of leg









I’ve decided to use Tough Stocking in Autumn Sky for this knit; sky blue is for prostate cancer awareness. You can see the cuff and start of the leg to the right. This pattern will be suitable for beginners: all you need to be able to do is knit and purl, and everything else is in the instructions. There are a couple of small charts, or writtern instructions if you prefer. I’m currently knitting these as I commute to work and during my tea breaks, and I expect one sock should be finished over the Easter break.

What do you plan to work on over Easter? Starting a new project, working on a WIP, or perhaps finishing an object? If only there was more time… 😉


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