WIP Wednesday: Queen Aubrey’s Shawl

Here’s another project I recently started (because I can’t sit still unless I have a WIP in my hands!). This one is called Queen Aubrey’s Lace shawl, and is a circular shawl that I am knitting for my niece’s first birthday and christening. The pattern I’m using is Queen Anne’s Lace by MMario, and this pattern is available for free from Ravelry. The shawl is knit from the centre out, and only involves knit stitches, yarn overs, and knitting stitches together, as well as a centre cast on (I used a tiny Pinhole CO) and a cast off. So apart from the initial dealing with a small number of stitches (I used Magic Loop as I hate wrestling with the double pin hedgehog), this is a relatively easy knit.

DBHY Blue Ribbon Lace in Candy Burple (skein plus ball)

I’m using a colour that the parents chose, and a yarn that I chose. It is Blue Ribbon Lace, in colourway Candy Burple. Whilst this is a variegated purple/violet/magenta, this colour ‘reads’ as a purple. The yarn itself is well behaved, quite smooth to knit with, but I’m certain that the BFL will bloom once this is blocked. I’m looking forward to seeing how this shawl turns out! Here’s a progress picture, at about 20 rounds; stay tuned for further progress reports! 🙂

Queen Aubrey's Lace shawl round 20


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