WIP Wednesday: one Twist Sock down…

Just a quick update on the Twist Socks that I am test knitting. My Ravelry project has been named Mr Blue Sky Twist Socks, after the Autumn Sky colourway, and the song by ELO. Here’s a photo the first sock finished.

Mr Blue Sky test knit sock - one down
Mr Blue Sky Twist Socks test knit

This is a great project for when I’m commuting, and the second sock is well under way. I just need to turn the heel and then it won’t be long until I have a new pair of socks for the cooler weather.

Have you every knitted socks? They’re quick to knit, a great portable project, and very warm on the feet. Give knitted socks a go today!

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    • Such an easy knit. And the blue is so cheerful compared to our rainy sky over the last few days…. today is sunny, and more true to the yarn colour! 🙂

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