WIP Wednesday: Cold Vegemite on Toast Days neckwarmer

Here’s the latest progress report on my Cold Vegemite on Toast Days neckwarmer, just before you start the front extension. The yarn is Dyed By Hand Yarns Mother’s Love DK in Vegemite, one of the 2013 sock club colourways. Vegemite is a variegated mix of chocolate, coffee and charcoal browns with splashes of deep red and golden mustard. This colour will be available to the public in March 2014.

Cold Vegemite on Toast Days start of front








The pattern is Kylmille ilmoille (For cold days) by Satu Gröhn. This pattern is a free Ravelry download in English, and is easy to follow. It only requires one 100g skein of DK yarn for a quick, warm neckwarmer/cowl. I have made a few modifications to accommodate the smaller yardage of the Mother’s Love DK skein; please see my project page for more details. I may find that I didn’t need to reduce the number of stitches in order to save yarn; I’ll only know in hindsight!

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