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Advent Scarf 2013 by Kristen

Need another knitting project for Christmas? Why not join us and many others around the world for the Advent Scarf 2013 MKAL? Each day in December we will be given a new lace pattern to knit, with the scarf being completed on Christmas Eve (if you can keep up!). Don’t worry, there is a slow knitter’s thread, and many helpful hints from participants along the way. If you are not a member of Ravelry, each day’s pattern will be released on Kristen’s blog (English version).

Here are the yarn and beads I will be using: Mythical Lace in Kamagong, with 8/0 Higher Metallic Iris Olivine beads.
Dyed By Hand Yarns Mythical Lace

This is the fourth Advent Scarf that Kristen has written up for us all, and it is a wonderful free Christmas gift. The scarves are beautiful on their own, but they also serve as a lace sampler/practise your lace knitting skills. A great way to learn lace knitting and/or beaded knitting 🙂