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FPF: Silk Shawl and Pollikeet Shawl

I just can’t help it: I am drawn to lacey shawl-like objects at the moment. If I am engaged in knitting something in a lace pattern, or a shawl, or both, don’t expect a word of sense from me other than the mumbling of “YO, k2tog, repeat…”. So in today’s Free Pattern Friday, I present to you both a crocheted and a knitted shawl (the fact that they are also both pink was sheer coincidence).

Silk Shawl by Iin Wibisono

The Silk Shawl crochet pattern by Iin Wibisono will only be free until 6th April 2014, so hurry over to Ravelry and download a copy now! This shawl is crocheted using 4ply/fingering weight yarn and a 2.75mm hook, although I think this would be divine in a cobweb mohair yarn too (see Kid Glove Lace). Whilst the pattern is described as a ‘motif’ pattern, don’t be fooled into thinking that you will have hours of weaving in ends for individual motifs. In fact, this shawl uses a clever row pattern that looks like millions of small flowers: just don’t tell your friends how easy this pattern is! US crochet terms are used; see this link for conversion into British/Australian terms.

Pollikeet Shawl by Erin Westmoreland

The Pollikeet Shawl by Erin Westmoreland is a shallow crescent style, knitted flat (in rows) with a seperate edge that is joined as you knit it. This shawl caught me eye as there appears to be about 4 different lace patterns involved, yet they blend harmoniously. Whilst not difficult, this one may be better for adventurous beginners and more experienced knitters, due to the construction method and the fact that there are no charts (only written directions). Around 100g of 2ply/lace weight, 3.50mm needles and a sense of adventure are all you need to create this lace beauty.

So there you have it: what is more feminine than pink, lacey shawls?! Off to stash dive for potential yarn candidates…. what yarn would you choose? 🙂


WIP Wednesday: Queen Aubrey’s Shawl

Here’s another project I recently started (because I can’t sit still unless I have a WIP in my hands!). This one is called Queen Aubrey’s Lace shawl, and is a circular shawl that I am knitting for my niece’s first birthday and christening. The pattern I’m using is Queen Anne’s Lace by MMario, and this… Continue Reading