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Inspiration: Cold Vegemite on Toast Days neckwarmer

It is one year since our first Simply Sock Yarn Club, and the colourways from that club are about to be released for public sale. I thought it might be nice for you to see some projects these colourways have inspired. Today we will look at the Cold Vegemite on Toast Days neckwarmer that I have blogged about as a Work In Progress in the past .

Cold Vegemite on Toast Days using Mother's Love DK in Vegemite
Cold Vegemite on Toast Days knitted by devilslab, using Mother’s Love DK in Vegemite

The pattern used is Kylmille ilmoille (For Cold Days) by Satu Grohn, and is available in both English and Spanish as a free download via Ravelry. This aptly named pattern is quick and easy to knit, and knitting from the top down means you can adjust the neckwarmer if you are running short on yarn. An added bonus is that you can turn it inside out for a slightly different look (reverse stocking stitch with moss stitch border).

I used almost one entire skein of Mother’s Love DK (colourway = Vegemite), which is on the shorter side of the recommended yardage range. As I feared that I would run out of yarn, I modified the pattern by making the buttoned top shorter and narrower, and adjusted accordingly for the altered stitch count. Details of these modifications can be found on my project page. The neckwarmer is still comfortably loose, unless you really hate high collars, and I have yet to find the perfect buttons. But seeing as I’ll probably never wear this buttoned up, I’m not too fussed.

So that’s the Cold Vegemite on Toast Days neckwarmer. There are a couple of other projects made using the Vegemite colourway, and we will look at them in the future.