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FPF: Silver Streak Faux Cabled Cardigan and Asymmetrical Jacket

With the cold weather really hitting hard in Melbourne the last couple of weeks, I thought it would be a good time to look at longer jackets that keep both our top and our bottom warm.

Silver Streak Faux Cabled Cardigan by Veronik Avery

The Silver Streak Faux Cabled Cardigan by Veronik Avery was featured on the Silver Anniversary cover of Vogue Knitting in Autumn 2007. Made using 10ply/worsted weight yarn and 4.50mm needles, the faux cable is actually a lace pattern, set on a textured broken rib background. This long line wrap cardigan with long sleeves is knit from the bottom up and has a large decorative button, although you could use a pin instead. This intermediate knitting pattern is free, but you do need to log into the Vogue Knitting website to obtain the pattern

Asymmetrical Jacket by Doris Chan

The Asymmetrical Jacket by Doris Chan also uses 10ply/worsted weight yarn and a 6.00mm crochet hook. This long sleeved swing jacket is made from the top down with no fastener, and it would look great just hanging open, or use a pin to fasten. Instructions use US crochet terms, see here for Australian/UK conversions. Whilst the intermediate crochet pattern calls for 5 different colours, many jackets have been made with solid colours, a single variegated yarn, or multiple shades of one colour (think stash busting!). Below are a few of my favourite examples.

Southwest Asymmetrical Sweater by daphykm in single graduated colourway
Spinner’s Journey by wollbothy using miscellaneous natural coloured hand spun yarn
Sparkly Cardi Shrug by Cathlete using solid body, contrast trim and short sleeves

The great thing about the heavier weight yarns is that they work up so quickly. If you are interested in making a heavier weight jacket or jumper, you still have plenty of time to complete and enjoy wearing it this year! Happy Crafting 🙂