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FPF: Lacy Arc Scarf and Brooklyn Boot Cuffs

This week’s installment is based on lacy covers for tops and toes!

Lacy Arc Scarf by Catty M

The Lacy Arc Scarf is a quick and easy lace knitting pattern designed by Catty M. It is knitted using worsted weight yarn, so you’ll have a new scarf in a flash! Beginners to lace need not worry; it is only slightly lacy and involves knowing how to yarn over (YO), pass slipped stitch over (PSSO) and knit 2 together (k2tog). These terms are explained at the start of the pattern, so there is no excuse not to grab needles and yarn and start right NOW!


Brooklyn Boot Cuffs by Crochet Dreamz

Boot cuffs, or boot toppers, are a great way to stop the draft around the top of your boots without the bulk (and time/trouble) of making an entire sock. The Brooklyn Boot Cuffs, by Crochet Dreamz, are an easy crocheted lace version using worsted weight yarn that you can finish in a couple of hours. It is written using US crochet terms; if you need help converting to British (Aussie!) terms here is a handy link. At the bottom of the pattern there is a link to the matching Brooklyn Fingerless Mitts.