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WIP Wednesday: Queen Aubrey’s Shawl update

It’s only been a week since I added Queen Aubrey’s Shawl to WIP, and it has grown a lot (like the real Aubrey)! Here is a picture at 100/160 rounds. This is about 100cm/40″ in diameter. I have finished 130/160 rounds now, but haven’t had a chance to take an updated photo.

Queen Aubrey's Lace shawl round 100
Queen Aubrey’s Lace shawl round 100

Someone asked me how many stitches there were on the needle, and how long it takes to complete a round. The answers: whilst I haven’t actually counted them, there are 32 repeats of 20 stitches = 640 stitches in total! Wow; that’s a lot of stitches. I’m really not looking forward to the bind off, but at least that will mean another Finished project. As to how long it takes to knit a round: about 15-30 minutes, depending on whether it is knit-only round (not many of these). I am now finding left leaning decreases and double decreases in the pattern, but still no purling.

Well I must keep knitting, as this needs to be finished and blocked by 6th March. My needles will be smoking! 😀


WIP Wednesday: Queen Aubrey’s Shawl

Here’s another project I recently started (because I can’t sit still unless I have a WIP in my hands!). This one is called Queen Aubrey’s Lace shawl, and is a circular shawl that I am knitting for my niece’s first birthday and christening. The pattern I’m using is Queen Anne’s Lace by MMario, and this… Continue Reading