FPF: Starry Stole and Fierce Little Dragon

Starry Stole

This week’s knitting pattern is Starry Stole by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence. This is a great pattern if you are new to lace, new to beading, like simple patterns to showcase a yarn, or if you need a quick but pretty gift. Whilst the pattern calls for pre-strung beads, I would recommend placing the beads on the knitted stitch as you go, unless you like pushing lots of beads along the entire skein of yarn! I can see some fabulous Christmas gifts in the making……


Fierce Little Dragon

Everybody needs their very own Fierce Little Dragon to stand guard over the ever-growing yarn stash! This crochet amigurumi pattern is by Lucy Ravenscar, and uses DK/8ply yarn (about 35g of main colour) and a 3.5mm hook. This particular example shows how a heathered or semi-solid yarn makes for a subtly coloured Dragon, and a clever choice of contrast yarn enhances the effect. A great present for any kid – big or small 🙂


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