FPF: Aries Hat and Double Knit Floral Cowl

In this week’s installment of Free Pattern Friday, we have a cute crochet hat/cloche and a cowl using double knitting.

Aries Hat by Shawna Borst

The pointy scalloped trim and the star detail are what catches the eye in the Aries Hat by Shawna Borst. This is another quick crochet project using a 5.00mm hook and 10ply/worsted weight yarn. The pattern is for a child sized hat but can easily be made larger. American crochet terms are used, but check this table if you need to convert into British/Australian crochet terms.

Double Knit Floral Cowl by Louise Fitzpatrick

What is more striking about this knit: the fresh blue/white colours, the floral design, or the fact that this cowl is reversible? This Floral Cowl by Louise Fitzpatrick uses double knitting, where you knit both sides at the same time, and there is no wrong side! This technique is slower than regular knitting (you knit twice as many stitches as usual), but I think you’ll agree that it is very effective. Double knitting also creates a very warm fabric as it is twice the normal thickness. This pattern calls for 4ply/fingering weight yarn and 3.5mm needles. I can see this cowl in a bright red and tropical looking green. What combination of colours would you use?

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